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      DearDesires was founded in 2020 by Linda, who used to work in the interior design and retail industries. During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Linda worked tirelessly on building her own business from scratch. It was a tough year for her, yet she never gave up. Her desire to succeed in building her own business only grew by each day.

      Linda began by studying plants and different plant accessories. As an animal and a plant lover, she wanted to invent a product that is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also reduces waste and consumer consumption.

      One of the problems she noticed was that plants grow out of their pots very quickly. Countless non-adjustable plant stands end up in storage and even in landfills, because new planters need wider or taller plant stands. 

      Her idea was to create one of the most versatile plant stands out there, a dual style adjustable plant stand of which you can change the look by flipping it upside down.

      Linda's love for plants and for solving problems is how DearDesires was born! A place where you can find a solution to whatever you and your plant desires.

      We plan on adding new products in the near future. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our new products! We hope to make your home beautiful, professional and elegant with our designs!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at